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Street Self-Defense: When the Creepers Creep

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

austin mural street art

Scene: Downtown Austin, Texas just after midnight

Him: Can you tell me what street this is?

Me: Sure, this is Neches between 5th and 4th - is there some place you're looking for?

Him: No, I just wanted to know where I was.

Me: OK

He falls into step with me and we chat.

Me: OK, this is 4th, I'm turning here.

Him: Oh yeah, me too.

Me, to self: Hmmm

Scene: 4th and Red River, heading east to dimly lit portions of the eastside.

Me: OK, I'm turning here - where are u going?

Him: I can walk with you

Me: Um, no that's not necessary

Him: No, its ok, I'd like to walk with you.

Me: No, I put up a fight and so if you try anything, I'll beat the fuck out of you. So you stay here, OK?

Him: Mortified stare

Random lady on the corner: Can you walk with me to my car?

Me: Sure

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