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A Woman's Guide to Travel Safety with Jocelyn Wolters of Wolters World

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Jocelyn Wolters is on of my travel heroes. She and her family have decades of travel experience to over 90 countries and have must-see travel advice videos that guide travelers through some of the most exciting cities in the world.

In this conversation she shares her deep rooted love for travel that started as a little girl, what she's learned from traveling as a single woman, a married woman, a pregnant woman giving birth in a foreign country and raising two boys, with her husband Mark, to be globally minded and culturally savvy.

Join us for the conversation in the video below as Jocelyn shares how to keep you and your family safe while exploring the world: how it starts with packing, then we dive into mindset and she shares super practical advice on how to avoid being targeted for typical tourist scams, cons and crimes. If you travel, you won't to miss this interview.

Be sure to check out the Wolters World online at:

IG: @jocelynwoltersworld and @woltersworld

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