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Articles and Interviews

  • The L.A. Times: Asphalt Anthropology: "The Street Smart Way of Knowing Enjoying L.A."

  • ​​KPCC/NPR interview: L.A. Street Smarts  (starts at 29:45)

  • ​​L.A. Downtown News: Homicides are on the Rise in Downtown

  • ​​Managing Violence podcast: Asphalt Anthropology

  • ​​The Self-Initiative podcast: What is Asphalt Anthropology?

  • ​​Finding the Truth podcast: A Completely Different Take on Self-Defense

  • ​​From Desk to Defender: Observation Based Defense

  • ​The Secure Dad podcast: 

  • Street Smarts with Beverly Baker

  • Threat Discernment with Beverly Baker

  • Psychology of Self-Defense: Exploring the Mental and Emotional Aspects with the Experts:

  • Accessing Aggression with Barbara E. Davis, LCSW

  • ​Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn with Cristen Chiri, LMHC

  • Stealing Your Intuition: A Conversation About Cults with Chaplain Joni Lorraine

  • Pope Slap! The Psychobiology of Self-Defense with Inga Gentile, LMFT

  • Human Nature in the Covid19 Crisis with Inga Gentile, LMFT

  • The Devil's Advocate with Randy King (for self-defense!) podcast:

  • Is CCTV/Crime Video a Good Teaching Tool?  Audio-only version   Video Version

  • Should Women Only Be Taught to Escape?     Audio-only version    Video Version

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