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A student and observer of violence dynamics, Beverly Baker began her education as a girl with wanderlust undeterred by tales of the boogeyman. She has dodged peril and outwitted threats on the streets of major American cities, Europe, the former Eastern Bloc and Southern Africa. 
She has developed and taught personal safety courses for LAPD's Community Police Academy, corporations, LA's Skid Row, women’s shelters, colleges/universities, public school districts and the general public for 20 years.
She holds a 2nd dan black belt in Cha Yon Ryu martial arts, and over the past 30 years has studied various martial arts including traditional Asian arts, Krav Maga and boxing. She currently trains in judo.
Beverly is a volunteer escort at a healthcare clinic where she observes and physically manages the principles of conflict on the front lines where politics and religion collide. 
She holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA with a focus in digital media management. 

self-defense instructor

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What People Are Saying... 

I've been telling my female neighbors about your class. The tactics and thought processes you discuss are so invaluable, I describe your class as empowering individuals for city living by filling in the gap between what people may think is common sense, and that unwanted situation of using physical self defense. The gap in between the two is larger than people realize, and your class provides ways to avoid that most unpleasant physical situation.

- Debby Z, DTLA resident


As the father of two teenage girls in a large city, one of my biggest challenges is how to balance their desire to explore with a caution while they travel and visit other neighborhoods. As any urban resident knows, the key to being safe is knowing what to look for as you move about the city. However, teaching those skills to teens without frightening them can be difficult. Attending Asphalt Anthropology was a godsend.


In just a short time, my daughters got the opportunity to learn simple strategies to recognize activity around them, how to asses potential threats, and move with confidence in our community. When we are together,  we’ll play Asphalt Anthropology bingo and try to spot potential hazardous situations in the street.


Far from being scary, Beverly’s course has made them feel empowered and confident.


And its given me confidence that they will make smart choices for their safety in the future especially as they prepare to head off to college.

-    Scott Moe


So much of the self-defense and 2A community is "macho" men instructing people on how to be a hero in unrealistic scenarios. It completely neglects the everyday situations people are likely to encounter. I love that you are speaking to that.

- Elise M.


I use the "magic elbow" almost everyday at least once! It's amazing how effective this simple tool is in an urban setting. Thanks for that. Also, your teachings have made me more aware of my surroundings in a different manner than I was previously. I was always aware but now I notice people and situations in a more predictive way. I liked, also, that your seminar isn't about fear but instead about the sociology of human interaction. That's how I've been explaining it to people that have asked about it.

- Roger Gendron, DTLA resident


Beverly’s courses are amazing! I’ve trained in multiple styles of martial arts, yet nothing has empowered me like her classes. Beverly is compassionate in her approach when teaching her students how to recognize threats and teaches in a way that doesn’t stoke unnecessary fears. This knowledge is potentially life saving, especially for marginalized people. As a neighborhood council representative and safe streets advocate, I hope all of my stakeholders get the opportunity to learn what I have from Beverly.


-Adriane Hoff

At-Large Representative and Chair of the Sustainability & Beatification Committee of Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council; Steering Committee, Streets For All


There's so much gold packed into this class that it's amazing how easy Beverly makes it to understand. You could see people's minds being blown as she unpacks the situations that everyone's found themselves in at one point or another.

- Stephanie S.

Beverly has tapped into a whole new way to think about personal safety. It's an approach accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, size or physical training. Truly eye-opening and worth every minute of insight she has to share.

- Elizabeth O.

My wife and I attended this class last month and found the insights and tactics it provides invaluable for people who live and work in DTLA. It’s not a physical based self-defense class, but rather it dissects what drives violence, how people are targeted and how to decrease your chances of being targeted.


The class included video of some recent unprovoked attacks in DTLA. I had seen some of these videos before, but after learning about the violence dynamics I was able to see the signs that the person was going to attack. The class is for adults only, but it has helped me to better talk to my six year old daughter in a non-scary way about how to be more observant as we go about our lives in DTLA.


I want more people in downtown to have access to this information so I’m hoping to make this a regular thing.

- Richard Wu, DTLA Resident


Beverly Baker is the smartest “urban explorer” I know. I attended the first one and it will change the way you navigate not only the city but a whole host of of interactions. Take my advice and sign up now!

- Bonnie Nijst, Hollywood Resident


I run a business in Hollywood and without making a social commentary, in recent years I felt the need to be more aware of my surroundings.

Taking up training with Beverly was a great decision. I’m an older guy and not in terrific shape - and Beverly makes sure I’m getting the training I need. I’m always self-conscious  about my lack of coordination and I get frustrated because I sometimes don’t catch onto things right away.

Beverly is really patient, never condescending, a great teacher and honestly just fun to be around. If something isn’t working for me, Beverly will change it up without a second thought. She’s smart and encouraging and I don’t feel stupid.  That’s a big deal.

- Scott Michaels, Hollywood Resident


I cannot thank you enough for your valuable insights! The elbow is my go-to confidence move when I'm feeling unsafe.


So I did have another minor situation with a homeless man a few weeks ago, he tried to grab the front of my shirt (maybe for my crossbody bag) but I was already watching him so I saw his hand coming. I was able to jump into the bike lane and avoid him.

- Megan Siegfried, DTLA resident


There are few things in the world that can completely change your perspective and immediately improve your daily life in just a few hours. This is one of those.

This class should be a mandatory prerequisite to being a city dweller. Beverly brilliantly breaks down the psychology of predatory behavior and teaches us how to see them from a mile away. And if we can identify the dangers, then we can put ourselves beyond their reach.

- Lance S., DTLA Resident


We've all know our share of hyper-masc black pill 4chan pizza gate douchebag guys who give men a bad name... if you can't stand those types, listen to this amazing person's work! My judo sister and all together great human.

- Richard Contreras


Your street dodges stuff is dope and I completely agree with the emphasis on finding ways to avoid going physical at all beyond common platitudes about deescalation and walking confidently.


- Malcolm Rivers

Not Me Not Today Training, Director Chiron Training

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